Believes in Adding Value

Real Estate Entrepreneur Group takes pride in solving problems for our clients. Are you struggling financially? Do you have more debt than you can handle? Do you want to know ways in which you can invest your money that will actually make you wealthy? Want to be your own boss and start your entrepreneur journey but don’t know where to start? Do you want to learn how to start making good money working part-time? Have you made lot of money, but don’t have time to figure out where to invest in today's market? We can help you. Let's get in touch.


We believe in adding value to a person and help them grow. We sincerely believe that if one works on their self worth, increase in net worth is a natural byproduct. We are a group of like-minded individuals who have high integrity and commitment towards innovation and getting the results with highest quality standards. We believe in growth & abundance mindset and want to leave the world in a better place than the one we found.

We are here to help you
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Live Your Lifestyle

Real Estate Entrepreneur Group is a group of entrepreneurs who believe in making a positive change to the world.

We help homeowners solve their real estate challenges so that they can live the lifestyle "they" want not what their lenders want them to lead.

Lending a Helping Hand

Support of Community

Just as the bank has an army of professionals, we believe our homeowners should have an army of people to help fight back.

Our aim is not only to help homeowners resolve their situation but help them stand back so that you can give back to society as we are doing for them in their hour of need.

Navigating in Woods

Step By Step Guidance

Having helped out countless homeowners and constant back and forth with lenders, we have created a very smooth step by step process for homeowners. 


We hold their hand and walk them through foreclosure timeline, details, all the documents that need to be filled and even negotiate their lenders on their behalf. 

Face Sculpture

Save Face

We make sure that homeowners don't lose their face with their family and friends because of the challenging situation they are in.

In the event that home retention is not possible, we are there to help homeowners stay in control of the sales process. In most cases, we have been able to qualify homeowners for relocation assistance even when they are upside down in their homes.

Crossing the Finish Line

Win Game of Life

We want all homeowners to not only save themselves from this challenge but excel in the game of life.


We help them fix their credit for free, explain the difference between good debt/bad debt along with Velocity Banking so that they can get out of debt faster. Also, introduce them to part-time earning opportunities so that they get back to their feet and start winning again.

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Andrea Narag

I was praying to God to help me and he sent you guys. Thank You so much for helping me get out of this situation

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Tl Suacillo

Very Educated on Real Estate Options. Very helpful, easy-going, comforting and helped me to get back my hope


Miguel & Elsa

Advice for others - you don't have to close your door and sit back. Contact these people. They are very helpful