April 2, 2019

Once it's clear that the foundation has some problems and needs to be fixed, there are two things to think about. First is solving immediate problem and second is to solve the actual problem. Before we move forward, if you haven't read the 'Foundation Problems - Warnin...

Initial State of the property:



Foundation Issues:

During permit phase, it was realized that foundation was a bigger obstacle than originally expected. We were going to bypass the foundation by just strapping the foundation wall but it was more complicated...

A report by HomeAway finds that 48% of vacation property owners cover 75% of their mortgage costs by renting out their property. Having a vacation property is a wise investment move but the problem arises when it comes to maintenance. Taking care of one house is stress...

The lure of the real estate door hanger as a marketing tool is its ability to get seen months after the distribution. It’s one of the oldest but most effective offline real estate promotion techniques. You want to get more listings and increase your market share. Here...

While considering fix and flip or fix and hold, one should definitely take into account foundation repairs if the building needs it. It can be an expensive proposition and can eat away your potential profit if not accounted for properly. There are different warning sig...

The market trends prevalent in the real estate market in Colorado should be viewed in the backdrop of rising interest rates and an ever-increasing cost of living. One of the investment hot spots appears to be the Front Range with real estate prices increasing at full t...

Operating expenses are unavoidable when running an investment property. Repairs, improvement and maintenance form the three common ones. One of the questions you need to ask as a landlord is:

When can an expense be considered a repair and when can it be considered an i...

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