February Events

Real Estate Entrepreneur Group believes in adding value to the community. Majority of our events are free as a way of giving back to the society and increasing collective awareness. We believe in adding value to a person and help them grow. We sincerely believe that if one works on their self worth, increase in net worth is a natural byproduct. We are a group of like-minded individuals who have high integrity and commitment towards innovation and getting the results with highest quality standards. We believe in growth & abundance mindset and want to leave the world in a better place than the one we found. Come join us at our next event.

RE Cashflow Investing

Saturday | Feb 10 2018 | 10am-12pm

Have you ever wondered if you had more money in your bank or knew a bit more about how to make money work for you v/s you working for money? Do you think earning more Income helps make financial freedom easier? What’s better - paying down debt or investing? Learn what’s really important in entrepreneurship and investing: Your Financial Statement (Income Statement and Balance Sheet). Build your assets and build your wealth.


Learning doesn't just happen in a classroom or from a book. That’s the reason we have Injected some real fun into learning about money and investing. We will be informing you about how to invest better in the form of a game (how fun). Come meet and interact with players who have the same goals and aspirations as you do.

Our team is opening the doors to showcase one of the Fix and Flip Projects to the public on a very Exclusive Event. A Must See Event!


Come see how you can learn to safely invest in real estate alongside local and current real estate investors who are actively doing deals in your neighborhood. 


You will be able to See and Learn How to set up your real estate business foundation, Find the ideal Properties, How Fund your deals and Fix and Flip Strategies for profitable rehabs.

RE Flip Tour

Saturday | Feb 24 2018 | 10am-11am

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