Personal Development

Real Estate Entrepreneur Group is a group of like minded entrepreneurs who sincerely invest in the growth of individuals, help each other develop and achieve their goals both professionally and personally. We do so because we believe that increasing one’s self-worth would indirectly increase our company’s net worth.

Our good friend Woody Woodward (bestselling author of 13 books) has developed over 400 short three minute clips for our team. It’s called M.O.N.E.Y. Matrix where one get’s short burst of business training to help all entrepreneurs and team members become more productive, creative and profitable. M.O.N.E.Y. Matrix system delivers a daily video training with specific Calls to Actions that will assist an entrepreneur to build their business.These are great for any novice or seasoned entrepreneur who is trying to make a difference in the world and not only specific to real estate investing arena.

M: Mindset

O: Opportunity

N: Networking

E: Entrepreneurship

Y: You

A sample video of each category is shown below


Commit to Win | Stay Motivated | Problem Solving

This Guy Invested $150 Into Himself And Reaped $14 Million Reward All By Doing This One Thing

Jim Pattison Set His Mind On His Future To Go From Gas Station Attendant To Head Of Multi Billion Dollar Empire

O: Opportunity

Sharing the Opportunity | Sales Training | Marketing Techniques

In A Moment Of Necessity Would You Have Made The Same Decision As This Woman

Would You Have Made The Same Decisions As This Man It Made Him A Multi Billion Fortune

N: Networking

Relationship Building | Leadership Skills | Following Up Training

Are You Using These 6 Principles Of Persuasion To Build Your Network

This Legendary NFL Hero Did One Thing In His Offseason That Made Him A Fortune

E: Entrepreneurship

Duplicating Yourself | Financial Literacy | Time Management

This Harvard Graduate Used One Technique Which Recolonized Your Business

Are You Willing To Do What This Guy Did To Make A Billion Dollar Fortune

Y: You

Investing in Yourself | Personal Development | Goal Setting

These Two Women Made Choices That Made Their Business A National Phenomenon

This Man Did He Created A Multi Billion Dollar Business and gave it all away